Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A different treatment makes the Nike commercial interesting

At times, the treatment of a commercial becomes the difference that makes it stand out from the clutter.

This Nike commercial is a good case in point.

If you look at the storyline, it is as simple as can be. A league football player making it big-he becomes a part of Arsnel and the perks and the attention that are a given for players in the elite league. And finally, the story coming full circle with him executing the same free kick at the next level.

Simple and straightforward. Except that the camera throughout is from the player's point of view. And because of the different perspective a normal story becomes: "Now, it looks interesting from this point of view, let's see what all happens".

Full marks to this commercial for grabbing the viewer's attention. The first, and the most important task, of any advertising.

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