Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bringing People Together - How the same idea can engender different executions.

Every product category has a given set of assumptions that mostly form the bedrock of the commercials.

Washing Powders - Clean, white, shine. Airconditioners - Cooling, efficiency, air purification.

Cars - Style, safety, desirability, fuel efficiency.

Likewise, airline commercials over the years have utilised to great effect the basic idea of 'Bringing People Together' or making the world smaller.

This helps them peg the product on a grander theme than the mundane modalities of service, on time performance, safety, connectivity et al.

But even the same idea of Bringing People Together can find widely varying expressions. From the straightforward to the dramatic.

Look at these two airline commercials, Pan Am (1980) and BA (1989). The basic idea is the same but the execution and the visual interpretation are as different as chalk and cheese.

Learning: Most ideas you come up with might already be done many times over but you can still make it fresh, impactful and relevant to the brand context like the BA commercial does.

Pan Am Commercial(1980)

BA Commercial(1989)

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